Newman Structured Settlement Group (NSSG), a Lien Resolution Group partner, provides unparalleled structured settlement services and has been doing so for over a decade- designing payment plans with unlimited alternatives to the traditional lump sum payment.

A structured settlement is a procedure by which settlement monies from personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits are paid to a plaintiff in tax-free periodic payments. The payment installment is completely flexible and can be structured in any way the plaintiff desires- monthly, yearly, quarterly, or in multiple lump sums.

A structured settlement is a planning tool. It allows the plaintiff to secure their financial future and to avoid the difficultly of managing large sums of money intended to provide for a lifetime of expenses. It is also a resource for estate planning and financing a child’s education and plaintiff’s retirement.

Advantages of Structured Settlements

  • TAX-FREE - IRS Code 104(a)(2) stipulates that periodic payments in the form of a structured settlement are completely income tax-free
  • GUARANTEED RATE OF RETURN - Structured settlements grow at a guaranteed fixed rate of return unaffected by the volatility of the market.
  • GUARANTEED FUTURE PAYMENTS - The fixed nature of structured settlements provides the assurance that the plaintiff's future needs will be secured over a specific period or a lifetime. Statistically, 90% of lump sum settlements are gone in less than two years.
  • NO FEES – Structured settlements contain no management fees.

Attorneys are also able to structure fees from settlement proceeds, which is a great way to plan for taxes and to guarantee portions of your retirement and family savings.

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