The Lien Resolution Group Medicare Lien Resolution Process:

  1. Verification- Find out if client is receiving government benefits
  2. Open case with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  3. Request Conditional Payment Summary from Medicare (MSPRC)
  4. Review Conditional Payment Summary
  5. Dispute unrelated medical claims
  6. Request final demand – original demand less unrelated items less procurement costs
  7. Request hardship waiver, if applicable
  8. Attorney and/or Lien Resolution Center receives Demand letter. Payment is required to Medicare within 60 days of receipt of Demand letter, even if a waiver has been requested.


The Lien Resolution Group Medicaid Claim Resolution Process:

  1. Verification- Find out if the client is receiving government benefits
  2. Determine county office handling the case
  3. Identify analyst on the case
  4. Dispute unrelated medical claims (if not estate case)
  5. Request final demand
  6. Request hardship waiver if applicable
  7. See if Ahlborn is applicable


To engage The Lien Resolution Group to resolve Medicare/Medicaid Claims:

  1. Completed case intake
  2. Signed releases (CMS/SSA)
  3. Proof of Representation
  4. Letter of Representation
  5. Copy of the Summons & Complaint
  6. Copy of the Bill of Particulars
  7. Copy of any correspondence with Medicare/Medicaid
  8. If your claimant’s case has settled we will need a copy of the Settlement Statement itemizing the breakdown of the settlement and a copy of the signed Settlement Agreement & Release.


If you have any questions regarding Medicare/Medicaid claims please contact Brett Newman at 1-800-888-1743.

Please submit all of the requested information above to:

Brett Newman
The Lien Resolution Group
250 West Nyack Road, Suite 240
West Nyack, NY 10994